Documenting Your Own Wedding? What Equipment Would You Need

Documenting a WeddingWith different brands now offering relatively affordable camera options and lenses, the appeal in “self documenting” weddings – IE, not calling for the services of professional photographers and videographers – is steadily growing among brides and grooms.

With events photography and video services costing an arm and leg, the idea in “self documenting” one’s wedding is gaining a lot of appeal.

If you intend to “self document” your own wedding, here’s a quick take on what equipment you’ll be needing.

On Cameras and Lenses

Having a practical array of photography/videography equipment doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to get top of the line products made available by camera manufacturers.

With different brands rolling out “entry level” camera options that come with video recording features, you can find a multi-functional camera in opting for “entry level” or “mid range” cameras, matched with an essential set of lenses – a wide angle lens and a telephoto lens.

While getting more state of the art equipment would help in the rudimentary processes involved in the recording of videos and capturing of stills, you can essentially capture quality images and movies using “entry level” or “mid range” cameras, which generally roll out with built-in tutorials and automatic modes that are calibrated to yield the best quality of images.

The only downside in “self documenting” your own wedding can be defined in pointing out who would do the documenting (who would most likely not be able to take part of any of the festivities), along with the post-editing processes involved in the process of documentations and coverages.

But downsides aside, “self documenting” your own wedding won’t readily translate to “disaster”, given the fact that with your invested equipment, you can further use it in beefing up your photography and videography inclinations even after the wedding celebration.

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