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So you found the perfect dress, now what to do with your hair!  The most popular wedding hairstyles this year can be summarized as sexy, elegant, simple and gorgeous.  There are thousands of different ways you can wear your hair on your wedding day.  Some may flatter you more than others.  Before you meet with your hairstylist there are a few things you should have in order.

1) You should have decided on your headpiece and have it with you for your first appointment.  Options for headpieces can be tiaras, headbands, hair clips, fresh flowers and silk flowers.

2) Look through wedding magazines to narrow down your selection.  By flipping through a bridal magazine you will see how brides wear their hair given their gown.

Search online for those trendy celebrity wedding hairstyles.  You will have an idea of the type of hairstyle that best suits you.  After all you want to look like yourself on your wedding day.  You wouldn’t put your hair all up if you have never worn it that way before.  You want to be comfortable in your choice.

3) Be comfortable with your choice in hairstylists.  Maybe your current hairstylist is great with color and cuts, but not a pro with bridal hairstyles.  I don’t think your hairstylist will be offended if you were to ask for someone who is more comfortable doing wedding hairstyles.  Less stressful for everyone involved.

I came across this video on YouTube.  It is a video of wedding hairstyles put into on Mon Cheri.  Hope it inspires you.

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