Wedding Reception Decor Tips

You will spend most of your planning time on reception and reception decorating, that’s where all the celebrating occurs.  So where do you begin?

1) Select a theme.  That’s the easiest way to achieve a elegantly decorating reception hall.  When you choose a theme, it allows you to narrow down your decorating scheme.  Themes could be a color you love, or repleting a place you have been too.

2)  Evaluate your reception space.  Take pictures of your reception hall, so that you can sit back and view what areas would be best for certain aspects of your wedding reception.  Find out where the reception manager normally sets up the tables.  Can you changes this or does it work well for you?  Where can the band or DJ set their stage?  Can you move anything around to better suit your needs?

3)  Work within your budget.  Most reception venues will have a selection of decorating that can be used, some may even be FREE so ask!  Start shopping early, for those cost steals.

4) You will want to get a lot of ideas for the decorations, so you’ll need to do some research. Bridal magazines and the internet are great areas to start your research.

5)  Express your personality through the decorations.  A truely successful wedding is a wedding that is an extension of the couple.  This may help you select your theme!

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