Weddings and the Great Outdoors

outdoor-weddingCouples with a passion for the great outdoors have no reason why they can’t celebrate their union basked in nature’s wonders, to be wed in holy matrimony backdropped by mother nature’s flora and fauna.

Ontario’s Bay of Quinte continues to be one of the top destination wedding locations for such couples, with the region’s established fishing zones noted to provide the best of trophy Walleye catches.

Situated on the northern shore of Lake Ontario in Ontario, Canada, outdoor-themed wedding ceremonies have actually taken place in areas of the bay itself, with their celebrations and receptions followed by nifty angling competitions with modified “wedding-applicable” rules.

Some weddings are known to even happen during peak fishing seasons, though these celebrations are subject to special permits and require proper safety requirements.

Though an outdoor wedding in the Bay of Quinte cant’ exactly be dubbed as everyone’s dream wedding, the location is perfect for brides and grooms with a shared love for the great outdoors, just as it has something for outdoor activity lovers in general.

Kitesurfing remains to be one of the top activities in the Bay of Quinte, just as its sunset and sunrise views haven been known to be majestic sights on their own. The location is also famous for being pristine picnic grounds, making it a unique location for outdoor weddings and wedding receptions to be.

While there are restrictions delving into fishing rules and no-entry zones, the Bay of Quinte is the perfect destination for destination weddings for lovers of nature and outdoor excursions.

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