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GoPro Wedding

The latest in wedding videos is placing a GoPro on your officiant for a bird’s eye view of your wedding ceremony. This is […]

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Alternative Wedding Days

Saturday is a traditional wedding day, from May to September you’ll find the majority of weddings will be held on Saturday. This can […]

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New Year’s Eve Wedding

What better way to ring in the new year than by getting married on December 31! A New Year’s Eve wedding can be […]

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Her Wedding Planner

Antique Inspired Wedding in Bay of Quinte

Do you like a unique and personalized wedding? Choose an antique themed wedding! Antiques such as family heirlooms and family collection are fun […]

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Unique Wedding Bouquets in Bay of Quinte

What’s the importance of wedding bouquets?  The wedding bouquet adds beauty to the bride’s glowing look on her wedding day.   Most brides […]

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