Top 5 Places to Propose

Places to ProposeUnless you’re working to get odd bits and pieces out of the human body (a surgeon) or working for a nerve-wracking job (bomb squad), popping the question could certainly be the most heart-thumping moment of your life. Though we have not heard of anyone getting a heart attack in the Bay of Quinte region, soliciting advice may be wise .

One of the biggest factor that could make or break the outcome of your proposal is (you guess it right) location.

Location Speaks Volumes

Location, location, location. It takes no genius to know that the right location is already half the battle. (You still have to open your mouth). Truly, the theatrics could bedazzle her and sweep her heart like no other. Though the probability of a resounding “No” still exists.

Some of these locations will cost you no doubt. But what the heck, getting yourself a partner for life is priceless.

1. Sunset. Phnom Bakheng Temple in Cambodia. Start your journey with an elephant ride in the afternoon. Afterwards navigate the steps of the 1,100 year-old Buddhist temple. When you arrive at the top, everything will be perfect with the sunset as your background. Go on, now.

2. On top of a mountain. You don’t have to climb Mt. Everest or for that matter the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Just some suitable mountain where you can see a panoramic view of it all. Now you can deliver your piece with no one to disturb you. And no one watching.

3. On a bridge. Pont des Arts in France. Yes, this is in one of those Sex and the City episodes. Very romantic. Try not to go to the Eiffel as you may still have to line up to get space (dozens are also making their proposals with possibly better rings).

4. The Alps. Lauterbrunnen in Switzerland. You don’t have to climb the Alps. Just set yourself in one of them Swiss restaurants that could put any postcard to shame.

5. Nostalgia. Where you first met. The place where you first bump into another could be what we may call a hallowed ground (not in a dying soldier’s way). It is where fate intervened out of all the jillions of possibilities. Now, it’s all a matter of closing the deal.

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