Wedding Customs Under Review

Clinking GlassesWell now, we don’t want to rain on your parade in your up and coming Bay of Quinte union. Weddings are weddings, anyway. But these customs, though traditional, could be bordering into the ridiculous – an icing without a cake.

Yes, we could be wrong for what’s tradition anyway. But many of these customs under review seem rather superfluous or downright irrational. You be the judge.

1. Clinking Glasses

A clink and there goes the newlyweds lock in a kiss. Sure, sounds pretty romantic at first. But wait till you have the nth clinking with 300 guests and it becomes a nuisance that keeps the bride-groom pair from enjoying a decent meal.

2. Cake-mashing

Would this be healthy? Is the act of smearing your life-partner with cake enjoyable? What does it symbolize? The fun part of living together?

This one seem like a cliché that we should stop using as it looks pretty childish.

3. Jack and Jill Party

Talk about becoming extravagant. The Jack and Jill party puts undue pressure on your friends. To note, this party is a means to raise money for the wedding. But doing things by force is a major turn-off.

4. Bachelor Party Right Before the Wedding

Why go to all the hassle? Why schedule the bachelor party on the eve of the wedding? Is that not asking for trouble? Prolonged drinking does not prepare the groom for his ‘big day’, instead it is a breeding ground for disaster. Can you appear all fresh when you hardly had sleep the night before?

These are just a few of those outlandish wedding customs. No one is stopping you from doing these. However, doing things all over again just because others did it before you, may not be healthy – especially if these things actually serve no purpose at all.

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